The compiler in Ultra Fractal can generate various warnings. Often, they indicate logical errors in the formula. You should examine the place where the warning occured and solve the problem. Well-written formulas should be compiled without any warnings.

Here is a list of all warnings:

  • Duplicate parameter definition
  • Duplicate setting
  • Function oldz is deprecated
  • Imaginary part of complex numbers is ignored
  • Implicit conversion from boolean expression
  • Implicit conversion to boolean expression
  • Invalid setting
  • Keyword not allowed here
  • Parameters should not be written to
  • Plug-in parameter base class should have a constructor
  • Result of expression is ignored
  • Variable is declared but never used
  • Variable is written to but never read back
  • Variable has not been declared
  • Variable might not have been initialized

Note: Warnings are generated only when the Generate warnings option on the Environment tab of the Options dialog is enabled.

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