In the list of parameter blocks, you can add headings to group parameters logically together. In the user interface, a heading appears as a horizontal line between parameters with an optional caption and text message.

By including the text setting, an additional text message is shown below the horizontal line and the caption. If you include the text setting and omit the caption, only the text message is shown, without a horizontal line. You can use this for short directions on how to use a formula. If you omit both the text setting and the caption setting, only a horizontal line is shown.

This is the syntax of a heading:


Each setting is in the form setting = value. The following settings are available:


  default:    heading      caption = "Rarely Used Parameters"      text = "Glad to see you are going to try these anyway!"      ; Hide these parameters by default.      expanded = false    endheading    ; Parameter definitions    

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