enabled setting

This setting is a boolean expression. It enables or disables a parameter, a user function, or a heading according to certain conditions. For example, you may want to disable a parameter when it has no effect because of how another parameter is set.

The expression is re-evaluated when a parameter changes. It must be a constant expression, but it can use the values of other parameters and most predefined symbols.

For plug-in parameters, the enabled setting is currently ignored.

This setting can occur inside parameter block, function blocks, and headings.


  default:    int param Choice      enum = "One" "Two"      default = 0    endparam    heading      caption = "Options for Two"      enabled = @Choice == "Two"    endheading    float param OptionForChoiceTwo      default = 4      enabled = @Choice == "Two"      hint = "Only relevant when Choice is set to Two."    endparam    

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