#calculationPurpose (predefined symbol)

Type Readable Writeable Constant
int Always Never Yes

This predefined symbol returns a value that indicates the purpose for which the current calculation is used. A formula can change its behavior depending on this value. For example, you could use a higher-quality but slower calculation when rendering.

Possible values are:

Value Meaning
0 Normal: the formula is used by a regular fractal window
1 Thumbnail: the formula is used by the browser to show thumbnails
2 Render: the formula is used by the disk rendering engine to produce a high-quality final image
3 Live preview: the formula is used for a live preview image in the Fractal Mode tool window (when exploring, eyedropping, or switching)


  if #calculationPurpose == 2    ; Formula is used in a disk render operation  else    ; Normal fractal window or thumbnail/preview calculation  endif    

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