Constants are used in formulas to specify fixed values. Example:

  x = 3 * x + 4    

Here, 3 and 4 are constants. This topic explains how constants are used in Ultra Fractal formulas, and how Ultra Fractal determines the type of a constant (you should be aware of this).

Boolean constants are of type bool. There are only two boolean constants: true and false.

Integer constants are of type int. Integer constants are signed numbers within the range -2147483648 .. 2147483647. Examples:

  5  -23    

Floating-point constants are of type float. They consist of a signed mantissa, optionally followed by the character E and a signed integer exponent to denote a power of ten. The exponent may range from -4931 to 4931. Examples:

  3.0  -1.23482  98.283E-3  ; 0.098283  -1e5       ; -100000    

Complex constants are of type complex. They consist of two floating-point numbers, separated by a comma and surrounded by parentheses. Alternatively, you can specify an imaginary number by typing the letter i right behind a normal floating-point number. Examples:

  (2, 3)  (3e2, 3.239)  ; (300, 3.239)  2.3i          ; (0, 2.3)  2 + 1.63i     ; (2, 1.63)    

Color constants are of type color. They are created by supplying the rgb, rgba, hsl, and hsla functions with constant arguments. Examples:

  rgb(0.5, 1, 0)        ; orange  hsla(0, 0, 0.5, 0.5)  ; transparent red    

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