Statistics tool window

The Statistics tool window shows additional information on the active fractal window. To open the Statistics tool window if it is hidden, click Tool Windows on the Window menu, and then click Statistics.

Ultra Fractal statistics Statistics tool window

The General tab shows the calculation progress of the fractal at the top. At the bottom, several statistics on the active layer are shown, such as the precision of the calculations used, the percentage of pixels that were actually calculated (not guessed), and the iteration limits of the pixels calculated so far.

The Iterations tab shows a histogram with detailed information on how the iterations values are distributed. You can use this information to estimate a good value for the Maximum Iterations setting in the Formula tab of the Layer Properties tool.

For more information on a specific control, click the help button in the title bar of the tool window, and then click the control, or move the mouse over the control while the Fractal Mode tool window is open.

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