Options dialog

The Options dialog provides a single place to customize Ultra Fractal according to your personal preferences.

Ultra Fractal options Options dialog  

Click Options on the Options menu to open the Options dialog.

The options are grouped by several tabs:

  • The Mouse tab enables you to customize the mouse actions for the fractal window to zoom, pan, rotate, and so on. It also contains options for double-clicking and zooming, and for the Switch feature.
  • The Fractal tab contains options for fractal windows. See also Calculation details and Playing animations.
  • The Defaults tab specifies the default settings for fractal windows. See also Default fractal.
  • The Gradient tab sets an optional default gradient.
  • The Editor tab contains options for formula editors.
  • The Syntax tab enables you to customize the syntax highlighting colors for various language elements in the formula editor.
  • The Browser tab contains options for browsers, such as template parameter sets for previews and thumbnail cache settings.
  • The Environment tab contains general workspace options.
  • The Folders tab enables you to change the location of the various document folders used by Ultra Fractal.

To get help on individual settings, click the Ultra Fractal help Options dialog button in the title bar of the Options dialog, and then click the setting that you want help for.

The Options menu also provides commands to show and hide various user interface elements, and to update your collection of public formulas.

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