Layer Properties tool window

The Layer Properties tool window edits the selected layers in the active fractal window. Layers are selected in the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window. The title bar shows which layers are currently being edited.

To open the Layer Properties tool window if it is hidden, click Tool Windows on the Window menu, and then click Layer Properties.

Ultra Fractal layerproperties Layer Properties tool window

The Layer Properties tool window contains five tabs:

  • The Location tab specifies the coordinates of the layer. The coordinates define which portion of the fractal is visible. The coordinates are shown in two different forms: as the center coordinate with magnification, and as the coordinates of the corners of the layer. Although it is possible to enter coordinates directly here, you will usually use the zooming, panning and rotating capabilities of the fractal window instead. The Copy and Paste buttons are useful for copying locations from one layer or fractal to another. The Reset button resets the location to the default for the currently selected fractal formula.
  • The Mapping tab contains a list of geometric transformations that are applied to the layer. These are used to transform the shape of a fractal. (Ultra Fractal Creative Edition and Extended Edition only.)
  • The Formula tab specifies the fractal formula (fractal type) that is used by the layer. The fractal formula defines the shape of the fractal.
  • The Inside and Outside tabs specify how the data from the fractal calculations is interpreted to obtain the final coloring of the layer. By selecting different coloring algorithms here and adjusting the parameters, many different images can be created with the same fractal formula. See also Inside and outside.

To understand how the controls on the tabs work together, it helps to remember that in a way, the calculation “flows” through the tabs from left to right, starting with the location, and ending with the coloring algorithms.

For more information on a specific control, click the help button in the title bar of the tool window, and then click the control, or move the mouse over the control while the Fractal Mode tool window is open.

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