Fractal Properties tool window

The Fractal Properties tool window edits global properties of the active fractal window, such as the size of the image, the list of layers, history, and comments.

To open the Fractal Properties tool window if it is hidden, click Tool Windows on the Window menu, and then click Fractal Properties.

Ultra Fractal fractalproperties Fractal Properties tool window

The Fractal Properties tool window contains four tabs:

  • The Layers tab manages the layers in the fractal. Here, you can control how the layers are merged together to produce the final image. The properties of individual layers are edited by the Layer Properties tool window. (Ultra Fractal Creative Edition and Extended Edition only.)
  • The Image tab specifies the dimensions of the fractal window. It is important to remember that the fractal window is really only a preview. Use the Render to Disk feature to create final images at any size, independent of the size of the fractal window. See also Resolution.
  • The History tab shows the previous states of the fractal. It allows you to go back any number of steps in time, without recalculations. See Fractal history list.
  • The Comments tab provides a space for you to type comments on the fractal, such as copyright information. It also contains the credits list that automatically tracks the artists that have worked on the fractal, so everyone receives proper credit.

For more information on a specific control, click the help button in the title bar of the tool window, and then click the control, or move the mouse over the control while the Fractal Mode tool window is open.

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