Learning about merge modes

Another way to view more than one layer at a time is to change the way the layers interact with the Merge mode setting. This setting determines how each pixel combines with the pixel(s) directly underneath it in other layers.

Ultra Fractal transparent Learning about merge modes
Ultra Fractal learnmore Learning about merge modes
How layers are merged
  • Make sure the opacity of the top layer is set at 100% and then click on Normal in the Merge mode drop-down box. Select the next option — Multiply.

Notice that the colors from the Background layer are now visible (although they appear darker) along with the textures of Layer 1.

Ultra Fractal learnmore Learning about merge modes
Merge modes
  • Use the down arrow key on your keyboard to cycle through the list of merge modes. Remember that you can also change the opacity setting with any of the merge modes.
  • You can also reverse the order of the layers by clicking on the title of one and dragging it up or down in the list. After reversing their order, try changing the merge modes of the Background (top) layer.
  • When you are finished exploring all the options, make sure the Background layer is on the bottom. Layer 1 should be on top with the Hard Light merge mode selected. Also make sure that both layers are set at 100% opacity.
  • Before we go on to the next step, save this image — either by saving the parameter file, or the fractal (as a .ufr). Keep the image name (Phoenix Julia 1) the same.

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Learning about merge modes