Editing the gradient

Before we edit the gradient, go to the Outside tab of the Layer Properties tool window.

  • Change the Color Density setting to 1 and the Transfer Function setting to Linear.
Ultra Fractal transparent Editing the gradient
Ultra Fractal learnmore Editing the gradient
Editing gradients

Now, looking again at the gradient editor, you will notice that there are only two sets of control points. Those in the left-most set are all at the bottom of their respective color panels — creating black, while those in the middle of the gradient editor are at the top of their panels — creating white.

  • Let’s move the control points around until we increase the contrast between the white and black areas. As you drag the control points, be sure to keep them pulled all the way down (for black) or all the way up (for white) in their color panels to prevent introducing color into the gradient.

After you have experimented with moving the control points, let’s synchronize their positions.

  • A nice contrast can be found with the set of white control points at Position setting 130 and the black control points at Position setting 185. You may either drag the points to these locations, or click on the respective points and type their positions into the Position setting.

Your image and gradient should now look like this:

Ultra Fractal graytia Editing the gradient

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Editing the gradient