Coloring the new layer

Let’s apply a different coloring algorithm to this new layer.

Ultra Fractal browse Coloring the new layer  

Click on the Outside tab of the Layer Properties tool window and then click the Browse button.

  • Select the Triangle Inequality Average coloring from the browser’s right pane and click Open.

You can immediately see the new coloring applied to the fractal. These colors are OK, but let’s take this opportunity to learn more about gradients.

Ultra Fractal transparent Coloring the new layer
Ultra Fractal learnmore Coloring the new layer
The Triangle Inequality Average coloring algorithm
  • First, open the gradient editor by selecting Gradient from the Fractal menu.

We could adjust the control points on this gradient, or generate a random gradient as we learned in the Basic Skills tutorial, but we can also load a pre-saved gradient.

  • To load a pre-saved gradient, select Replace from the File menu.

The “Select Gradient” browser shows the pre-saved gradient files that come with Ultra Fractal and any gradients you have saved or imported.

  • Click on the Standard.ugr gradient file in the left pane of the browser window and Grayscale in the right pane. Click Open.
Ultra Fractal learnmore Coloring the new layer
Opening and saving gradients

The pre-saved Grayscale gradient has now been loaded into the gradient editor and the active layer of your fractal.

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Coloring the new layer