Making a zoom movie

Let’s animate this fractal to make a simple zoom movie. Make sure the animation bar at the bottom of the main Ultra Fractal window is visible (click Options|Animation Bar if it is not).

In Ultra Fractal, you create an animation by making changes while Animate mode is on.

Ultra Fractal transparent Making a zoom movie
Ultra Fractal learnmore Making a zoom movie
Animation bar
Animate mode
Ultra Fractal animate Making a zoom movie  

Click the Animate button on the animation bar to turn Animate mode on. The fractal window will now show red marks at the corners and the text (Animating) in the title bar.

Ultra Fractal zoom mode Making a zoom movie

Look at the animation bar and note the time slider, going from frame 1 to 100. Every fractal starts with 100 frames by default. The time slider sets the current frame, which is still frame 1 at this point.

  • Move the time slider to frame 100, because we are going to animate a zoom from frame 1 up to frame 100.

Ultra Fractal zoom bar Making a zoom movie

  • Click and drag inside the fractal window to enter Select mode. Move and resize the selection box to frame an interesting portion of the fractal. Add some rotation for a better zoom effect.

The exact location does not matter much for this tutorial, but if you want to recreate the final movie, position the selection box like this:

Ultra Fractal zoom select Making a zoom movie

  • Right-click in the fractal window and click Zoom In to perform the zoom.

We are done recording the first part of our animation, so click the Animate button again to turn Animate mode off. You should make it a habit to turn Animate mode off as soon as possible to avoid making unwanted changes.

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Making a zoom movie