Saving your fractal

This is not a very exciting fractal yet, but before we go further, let’s save our work. There are various ways to save a fractal, and we will cover them one by one in these tutorials.

This time, we will save the image within Ultra Fractal in a text-only form called a Parameter File. This file takes up very little space on your hard drive and can be easily shared with other users via email and mailing lists.

Ultra Fractal saveparameters Saving your fractal  

Choose Save Parameters on the File menu.

Ultra Fractal transparent Saving your fractal
Ultra Fractal learnmore Saving your fractal
Sharing parameter files with other users

With the “Save Parameter Set” browser open, you can create a parameter file which will hold all the images we create in these tutorials. At the bottom of the browser, in the File Name field, append the entry with tutorials.upr so that the path reads:

Documents\Ultra Fractal 5\Parameters\tutorials.upr

(This assumes that you have installed Ultra Fractal using the default document folders. On Windows XP and earlier, the path will start with My Documents instead of Documents.)

  • Next, in the Title field, enter Newton 1 (the title can be any length and may contain spaces) and then click the Save button.

We will use this image again later in the tutorials so you can close the fractal window or even Ultra Fractal itself at this time.

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Saving your fractal