Layer 4 – Gaussian Integer

We are almost ready to learn about masking, but first we need to add one more layer.

Ultra Fractal addlayer Layer 4   Gaussian Integer  

In the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window, Add a new layer and Rename it Gaussian Integer.

  • Replace the current Outside coloring with Gaussian Integer.

No changes to the parameters are needed but we do need to work with the gradient a bit. Many of the control points we added in the last layer are not needed here. We want to keep the first two control points on the left side of the gradient. They are, respectively, bluish-purple/opaque and black/opaque.

Ultra Fractal transparent Layer 4   Gaussian Integer
Ultra Fractal learnmore Layer 4   Gaussian Integer
The Gaussian Integer coloring algorithm
Ultra Fractal deletenode Layer 4   Gaussian Integer  

We will not need the third (black/transparent) point, so click on it, right-click in the gradient editor, and select Delete from the menu.

We also want to keep the black/opaque point at the very right of the gradient editor. But we can delete the group of four points that control the scalloped frame.

  • Ctrl-click to select each of them, right-click in the gradient editor and select Delete from the menu.
Ultra Fractal tip Layer 4   Gaussian Integer
Most right-click commands are also available in the Gradient pull-down menu and on the toolbar.
  • Now, to make the little dots in the image a little bigger, click and drag the second (black) control point to the right, somewhere around the Position of 40.

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Layer 4 – Gaussian Integer