Layer 2 – Waves Trap

  • Add a new layer and Rename it Waves Trap.
  • Replace the current Outside coloring with Orbit Traps and make the following setting and parameter changes:
  • Change the Transfer Function to Log
  • Uncheck the Repeat Gradient box
  • Change the Trap Shape to Waves

Now, open the gradient editor to edit the gradient for this layer to meet the following conditions:

  • Three control points — You can delete unneeded control points with the right-click menu
  • Position the first (left-most) control point at 0 and color it White
  • Position the second control point at 35 and color it Black
  • Position the third control point at 399, also colored Black

Your image and gradient editor should look like this:

Ultra Fractal waves Layer 2   Waves Trap

  • Change the Merge mode on the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window to Screen.

The TIA layer now shows through the white filaments of the wave trap.

Ultra Fractal transparent Layer 2   Waves Trap
Ultra Fractal learnmore Layer 2   Waves Trap
Merge modes
Ultra Fractal tiawaves Layer 2   Waves Trap    

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Layer 2 – Waves Trap