Zooming into the image

The most interesting fractal structure of this Phoenix (Julia) fractal exists in the red-orange-yellow areas so let’s zoom in and explore the structure there.

Ultra Fractal select Zooming into the image  

Click Select Mode on the Fractal menu and notice that a rectangular box appears in your fractal window.

  • Press Enter.

The fractal now re-draws on screen filling your image with the previously selected area.

Another way to invoke the selection box is to place your mouse cursor on an interesting part of your image. Click and hold the left button and drag the cursor until you have selected the area in which you wish to zoom.

Ultra Fractal transparent Zooming into the image
Ultra Fractal learnmore Zooming into the image
Select mode

Notice that by placing your mouse cursor over different parts of the selection box, you can also move, resize and rotate the box. The status bar at the bottom of the main Ultra Fractal window displays helpful hints while you move the mouse cursor around.

Try these options until you have framed an interesting section and then press Enter to zoom into this new area. To zoom out, press Ctrl+Enter instead.

You may want to spend some time zooming in and out to explore your fractal before we move on to the next part of the tutorial. Don’t worry about where you travel, for we will synchronize locations in the next section.

Ultra Fractal tip Zooming into the image
Instead of pressing Enter or Ctrl+Enter, you can also right-click in the fractal window and click Zoom In or Zoom Out on the menu that appears.

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Zooming into the image