Using the Explore tool

We can experiment with changing the Julia Seed values and other parameters to alter the image.

In the past, parameter values were often chosen at random because it was difficult to anticipate what changes the values would effect. To solve this problem, Ultra Fractal has the Explore tool that makes choosing parameter values much easier and more fun. When you click in any parameter field that takes a numerical entry, two icons appear directly below the field.

Ultra Fractal explorebar Using the Explore tool

Ultra Fractal explore Using the Explore tool  

Click the Explore button to start exploring. This opens the Explore window with a rectangular coordinate grid.

Ultra Fractal explorewindow Using the Explore tool

Ultra Fractal learnmore Using the Explore tool

Ultra Fractal tip Using the Explore tool
You can also access both the Eyedropper and Explore tools by right-clicking in any numerical parameter field.

As you move the mouse cursor over the grid, the Fractal Mode tool window shows what the fractal will look like if the value under the cursor is selected.

You can zoom in and out to decrease or increase the range of potential values with the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons, or by typing a new range value. Simply drag the rulers to pan the window.

Click to select a new value. Experiment with the Explore tool for a while until you are comfortable with it.

And remember that at any time, you can undo your changes by clicking Undo or Redo on the Edit menu.

Ultra Fractal tip Using the Explore tool
You can also zoom and pan in the Explore window by Shift-dragging and Ctrl-dragging, like in the fractal window.

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Using the Explore tool