Learning to use Switch Mode

Although we could work with this image as is, let’s learn about using the Switch feature to open a corresponding Julia version of this Phoenix (Mandelbrot) fractal.

Using the Switch feature is often a good way to find interesting fractal structure.

Ultra Fractal switch Learning to use Switch Mode  

Click Switch Mode on the Fractal menu.

Ultra Fractal transparent Learning to use Switch Mode
Ultra Fractal learnmore Learning to use Switch Mode
Switch Mode
  • Place your mouse cursor anywhere in the active fractal window and look at the Fractal Mode tool window on the right-hand side of your screen.

Each point in the Phoenix (Mandelbrot) set corresponds to a separate Julia-type fractal. As you move your mouse around the fractal window, notice that a preview of that corresponding Phoenix (Julia) image is displayed in the Fractal Mode preview window.

  • When you find an image in the preview window that appeals to you, click once and a new fractal window containing that image will open.
  • This window (named Fractal2) is the one with which we will be working, so you can close the original window (Fractal1) without saving it.
  • Click on the Formula tab of the Layer Properties tool window and notice that this fractal uses the Phoenix (Julia) calculation formula.

Just below the horizontal line in this same tool window are the Julia Seed parameters that you brought to this fractal when you switched from the Phoenix (Mandelbrot) to the Phoenix (Julia) formula.

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Learning to use Switch Mode