Zooming with multiple layers

We will use the solid white area in the center of the Frame layer as the basis of our frame so we are going to zoom into it without changing the location of any of the layers below.

To do this, click on the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window.

Ultra Fractal editable Zooming with multiple layers  

Locate the Editable icon on the top (Frame) layer. While holding down the Shift key, click on this icon.

This disables the editability of all the other layers.

Ultra Fractal transparent Zooming with multiple layers
Ultra Fractal tip Zooming with multiple layers

By holding down Shift while clicking on the Visible, Editable, or Transparent icons, you toggle all other layers instead. This also works with the Enable icon on the list of transformations on the Mapping tab.

Ultra Fractal newtonlayers Zooming with multiple layers

Having the Editable icon enabled for just this layer means that any location changes we make will only affect this layer. The layers for which the Editable icon is grayed out will remain unchanged.

  • Now choose Select Mode from the Fractal menu to activate the selection box. Click and drag on one of the sides to make the selection box small enough to fit entirely into the solid white area, something like this:

Ultra Fractal mandyselect Zooming with multiple layers

  • Select Zoom In from the Fractal menu.

Your top layer should now be solid white. You can verify this by looking at your Layers list.

Ultra Fractal visible Zooming with multiple layers   And, by Shift-clicking the Visible icon on each layer in the list, you can see that none of the other layers has changed location.

Note: If something went awry, you can always use the Undo option on the Edit menu to recover.

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Zooming with multiple layers