Using the Clipping transformation

The last transformation we will explore in this tutorial is Clipping. This handy transform has many uses, but we will use it in this image to clip out the inside of our frame.

  • Add the Clipping transformation to the Frame layer.
Ultra Fractal transparent Using the Clipping transformation
Ultra Fractal learnmore Using the Clipping transformation

The Clipping transformation

First, we will center the frame on the screen.

  • Switch to the Location tab, right-click on one of the Center settings and select Copy Complex Value.
  • Then switch to the Mapping tab and right-click on either of the Clipping Center parameters and select Paste Complex Value from the right-click menu.

This ensures that the clipping center is set to the center of the screen.

  • On the Mapping tab, find the Region parameter and change it to inside — because we will be clipping out the inside area.

The image will become black — the designated solid color for this transformation.

  • To select our frame width, right-click in one of the Right Edge parameter fields and select Eyedropper from the menu. Place the eyedropper (your mouse cursor) near the right edge of the image and left-click.

You can repeat this until your frame is the desired width. You should now have a white frame with a black square inside.

  • Click on the Solid Color swatch on the Mapping tab and change the Opacity to 0.

You should now be able to see the underneath layers surrounded by a white frame. As one last finishing touch, let’s change the color of the frame to coordinate with the fractal by using the eyedropper tool.

  • Switch to the Inside tab and right-click on the white-colored Solid Color swatch. Select Eyedropper.

As you move the eyedropper over the image, the color underneath the center of the crosshairs is shown in the Solid Color swatch.

  • When you have found a color you like, left-click.

This changes the white frame to a color that coordinates with your image. With the exception that your frame may be a different color and/or width, your image should now look like this:

Ultra Fractal newtonworld Using the Clipping transformation

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Using the Clipping transformation