Twist transformation

  • Add a third layer and rename it Sphere.
  • Delete the Kaleidoscope and 3D Mapping transformations from the Mapping tab.
  • Add a new transformation — Twist.

This is a fun transform, because you can use the eyedropper to select the center of the twist. Remember to right-click in one of the Twist Center parameters to select and activate the Eyedropper, or click the eyedropper button that pops up when you click on the parameter.

Ultra Fractal transparent Twist transformation
Ultra Fractal learnmore Twist transformation
The Twist transformation

The Strength and Decay Factor parameters affect the tightness and shape of the spiral. Try making them smaller and larger. Try using a negative number in the Strength parameter. Remember that you can use the Explore tool as well.

When you are done playing with these parameters, click on the complex number below to copy it to the Clipboard.

-0.65 / -0.18125

  • Paste it into the Twist Center parameter by selecting Paste Complex Value on the right-click menu.
  • Enter 4 in the Strength setting and 10 as the Decay Factor.

Ultra Fractal twist Twist transformation

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Twist transformation