Mapping a sphere

Let’s add another mapping transformation to this layer.

  • Load 3D Mapping again and this time select the Sphere shape.
  • First, let’s change the solid color opacity to 0.
  • Next, to center the sphere in the image, change the Y Translation setting to 0.
Ultra Fractal transparent Mapping a sphere
Ultra Fractal tip Mapping a sphere

You can resize the list of transformations by clicking on the dividing line above the parameters and dragging downwards.

The help hint for the Z Translation setting says that increasing the value will move the sphere farther away (thus making it smaller).

  • Let’s change that setting to 2.5.

Now the sphere is positioned just below the Kaleidoscopic flower.

Ultra Fractal sphere Mapping a sphere

Ultra Fractal forfun Mapping a sphere

Transformations are applied in a particular order, starting with the bottom one on the list and working upward. So it matters, sometimes, in which order they are placed in the list.

For fun, reverse the order of the Twist and 3D Mapping (Sphere) transforms by dragging one above or below the other.

As you can see, the sphere is now mapped before Twist is applied resulting in an unusual effect.

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Mapping a sphere