Exporting the image

Let’s save this image in both parameter and fractal file form. Save it with the name Newton World.

We can also export images to graphic file formats that can be used outside of Ultra Fractal. This is useful when you want to print an image or post it on the web.

  • To export the image, click Export Image on the File menu.

By default, the image will be saved in Ultra Fractals’ Export folder with the name we have given it (Newton World).

  • Ultra Fractal supports several file formats so let’s select JPEG from the Save as type: drop down list.
Ultra Fractal transparent Exporting the image
Ultra Fractal learnmore Exporting the image


Ultra Fractal learnmore Exporting the image

File Formats

  • When you click Save, Ultra Fractal will ask you to select the export quality for the JPEG image. Move the slider to 95%. This will allow for some compression (which makes the file smaller) without too much loss of quality. Click OK.

Now you may open the image up in another graphics program, email it to a friend, or post it on a web page.

Note: All exported and rendered images made with an evaluation copy of Ultra Fractal will be marked with Evaluation Copy text. Please purchase your copy of the software!

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Exporting the image