Ultra Fractal twist Twist

The Twist transformation adds a twisted spiral to the fractal. It distorts a small part of the fractal in the form of a spiral, like a vortex. It is available as a transformation in Standard.uxf and as a transformation plug-in in Standard.ulb.

The center, strength, and size of the vortex are adjustable. This transformation is often combined with the Ripples transformation to obtain interference effects.

The following parameters are available:

Twist Center

Specifies the center of the twisted spiral. Use the eyedropper (right-click and click Eyedropper) to select this by clicking on a point inside the fractal window.


Specifies the strength of the twist. Larger values create more strongly twisted spirals.

Decay Factor

Specifies how soon the spiral loses its strength. Larger values decrease the size of the spiral.

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