Ultra Fractal lake Lake

The Lake transformation mirrors the fractal in a rippled lake. The top part of the fractal is not altered, but below the water level, everything is mirrored. It is available as a transformation in Standard.uxf and as a transformation plug-in in Standard.ulb.

By changing the parameters, you can adjust the height and rotation of the water level, and change the size and frequency of the waves.

The following parameters are available:

Water level

Selects the water level. Only the imaginary part of this parameter is used. Use the eyedropper (right-click and click Eyedropper) to select the water level by clicking on a point inside the fractal window.

Use screen center

If checked, the water level is always centered on the screen. In this case, the Water level parameter is ignored.

Rotation angle

Rotates the water level. To rotate the fractal instead of the water, also enter the same value in the Rotation angle parameter on the Location tab.

Use Location tab angle

If checked, the rotation angle from the Location tab is used instead of the Rotation angle parameter. This ensures that the water level is always horizontal.


Specifies the amplitude of the waves.


Specifies the frequency of the waves.

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