Entering your license key

After you have purchased Ultra Fractal, your personal license key will be sent to you via email in a few minutes. This license key turns your evaluation copy of Ultra Fractal into a full version.

  1. Start Ultra Fractal, and click Enter License in the Evaluation Reminder dialog that appears. (Alternatively, click Enter License on the Purchase menu if Ultra Fractal is already opened.)
  2. Copy and paste your license key from the email that you have received in the Enter License dialog. Click Next to proceed.
  3. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Ultra Fractal, you may be prompted to enter a previous license key as well. Ultra Fractal will search for previous license keys and fill them in if possible. (Contact info@ultrafractal.com if you have lost your previous license key.)
  4. Click Restart to complete the registration process.

Be sure to make a backup of your license key, so you can enter it again in case you have to reinstall Ultra Fractal, for example on a new computer.

Please contact info@ultrafractal.com if you have any questions. Thank you for purchasing Ultra Fractal 5!

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