By default, a computer that runs Ultra Fractal Server accepts connections from any user on any computer. However, you have several options to restrict access to the server.

Ultra Fractal options Security  

Click Options on the File menu of the server, and then click the Security tab to set security options.

  • You can restrict access to selected IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses. Using this feature, you can for example only allow users on your local network to connect to the server.
  • You can require users to supply a password when creating a connection to the server. Users without a valid password will not be able to create a connection. Passwords are transmitted securely.

In the log at the bottom of the server window, you can see all connection activity. The log also shows incoming connections that were not accepted because of a blocked IP address or an invalid password. The log can also be written to a file so you can analyze it later.

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