Network calculations

Note: You need Ultra Fractal Extended Edition for network calculations.

Ultra Fractal enables you to distribute calculations over multiple computers connected with a network. This can greatly increase the speed at which complex fractals are calculated, especially in combination with deep zooming.

Network calculations work by running a separate program called Ultra Fractal Server on remote computers, and creating connections to those computers with the Network tool window in Ultra Fractal. One server can accept multiple connections from different computers running Ultra Fractal, and one computer running Ultra Fractal can create connections to multiple servers.

When you have successfully created one or more connections, calculations will immediately be divided among all available computers. You can add or remove connections at any time. Both calculations performed by fractal windows and calculations performed by render jobs can be distributed.

Ultra Fractal uses the TCP/IP protocol for network calculations, so you can connect to computers both on a local network and on the Internet.

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