In the Network tool window, you can create and manage connections to other computers running Ultra Fractal Server.

Ultra Fractal network Connections

  • The Add Connection button creates a new connection. This will open a dialog box where you can enter the address of the computer to connect to. To get help on a control in this dialog box, click the ? button in the title bar, and then click the control.
  • The Delete Connection button deletes the selected connection.
  • The status icon before each connection shows its current status. Click on the icon to disable and enable the connection.
  • In the list, the titles of the connections are displayed. Click on the title of the selected connection to rename it. Double-click a connection to edit its properties. You can drag connections up or down to organize them.
  • Below the list, various statistics on the selected connection are displayed.

Right-click inside the list to open a pop-up menu with frequently used commands.

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