Opening and saving gradients

Gradients are saved in gradient files (*.ugr). A gradient file is a plain text file that can contain any number of gradients, so you can store and organize sets of gradients.

Ultra Fractal save Opening and saving gradients  

To save a gradient, click Save on the File menu. The Save Gradient browser will open. You can save the gradient in an existing gradient file or in a new file. Type the name of the file and the title of the gradient and click Save.

Ultra Fractal browse Opening and saving gradients  

To open a previously saved gradient, click Browse on the File menu. This opens a modeless browser. Make sure Gradient Files is selected in the toolbar. Select the gradient file that contains the gradient that you want to open, and then double-click the gradient inside the file. The gradient will be opened in a new stand-alone gradient editor.


To open a gradient in the active gradient editor, click Replace on the File menu instead. This is useful if you want to use the saved gradient in a fractal.


  • When saving a gradient, you can choose to save only the color or opacity parts of the gradient with the Save Color and Save Opacity checkboxes.
  • Another way to open gradients is to click Open on the File menu and select a gradient file. A modal browser window will open, showing the gradients in the file. Double-click a gradient to open it.
  • Palette files in Fractint’s MAP format (*.map) can be opened just like other gradient files.

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