Full screen mode

A fractal window can be maximized to full screen mode so you can see and explore the fractal without being distracted by other windows.

To enter full screen mode, click Full Screen on the Fractal menu. The fractal will now appear full screen. To go back to the normal fractal window, right-click to open a pop-up menu and click Full Screen again.

In full screen mode, a limited number of operations are available through the pop-up menu. You can fully use Normal mode, Select mode and Switch mode to explore the fractal, although without the help of the Fractal Mode tool window. The menu also offers undo and redo commands.

The Gradient submenu provides some additional commands to alter the colors of the fractal. Although this submenu is also available in the normal fractal window, it is especially useful in full screen mode, where you cannot access the gradient editor.

Most fractal window keyboard shortcuts, such as the commands on the Animation menu, also function in full screen mode.

Randomize Randomizes the colors of the gradient. There are four different options.
Adjust Colors Opens a dialog to adjust the colors of the gradient. See Adjusting gradients.
Cycle Colors Cycles the colors of the gradient forward or backward. See Color Cycling.

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