Fractal windows

Fractal windows contain the fractals that you work on in Ultra Fractal. While you edit the fractal using the Fractal Properties and Layer Properties tool windows, the fractal window is continually updated to show the result of your changes.

Note: Although fractal windows are resizeable, this does not change the size of the fractal itself. Use the Image tab in the Fractal Properties tool window to resize the fractal.

The toolbar contains commands to edit and save the fractal:

Ultra Fractal fractalwindow toolbar Fractal windows

  • The New button creates a new fractal from scratch. To duplicate the current fractal instead, click Duplicate on the File menu.
  • The Open and Browse buttons open files from disk.
  • The Save button saves the fractal to disk. See Opening and saving fractals.
  • The Undo and Redo buttons can undo and redo your previous actions. See Fractal history list.
  • The Copy and Paste buttons copy fractal parameters to and from the Clipboard. See Copying and pasting fractals.
  • The Gradient button opens the gradient editor associated with the fractal window to edit the colors of the fractal.
  • The mouse mode buttons show and select the active mouse mode. The mouse mode determines what happens when you click and drag inside the fractal window. There are three mouse modes:
  • The Save Parameters button saves the fractal to a parameter set. See Parameter files.
  • The Render to Disk button starts rendering the fractal or animation to disk, creating a high-resolution image or a fractal movie with better quality than possible in the fractal window. See Rendering images.

The commands on the toolbar are duplicated on the File, Edit, and Fractal pull-down menus. Frequently used commands are also on the menu that pops up when you right-click inside the fractal window.

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Fractal windows