Fractal history list

Every fractal has a history list. The history list stores previous states of the fractal, so you can easily undo and redo your changes. Because the calculated pixels are saved as well, the fractal does not have to be recalculated when undoing changes. This gives you the freedom to explore in the knowledge that you can always effortlessly go back to a previous state, without having to wait.

Ultra Fractal undo Fractal history list  

To go back to the previous state of the fractal, click Undo on the Edit menu.

Ultra Fractal redo Fractal history list  

To cancel the last Undo operation, click Redo on the Edit menu.

The History tab in the Fractal Properties tool shows a list of previous states of the fractal, complete with previews and descriptions. To go back to a previous state, simply click it.

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