Default fractal

When you start Ultra Fractal, a new fractal window is opened automatically with the default fractal. You can use this fractal as a base to create your own fractals.

However, you may wish to modify some of the default settings. For example, you might want to have a different gradient, a different fractal formula, a larger number of frames, and so on.

To change the default fractal, simply modify it as you wish. Then, save it as a parameter set with a new name. For example, you can save it as ‘My Default Fractal’ in the file ‘My Fractals.upr’.

Ultra Fractal options Default fractal  

Click Options on the Options menu to open the Options dialog. On the Defaults tab, select the parameter set you just saved as the Default parameter set.

From now on, this parameter set will be opened when you start Ultra Fractal.


  • On the Defaults tab of the Options dialog, you can also set the default size of the fractal window, and specify that this should override any parameter sets that you open. It is also possible to set up default copyright and comments notices.
  • On the Environment tab, you can also select a different action on startup than loading the default parameter set.
  • It is not recommended to save anything to the Examples.upr file that is installed with Ultra Fractal. Use the My Fractals.upr file or other files instead.

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