Copying and pasting fractals

Fractals can easily be shared between fractal windows and even between Ultra Fractal users by copying them to the Windows Clipboard.

Ultra Fractal copy Copying and pasting fractals  

To copy a fractal to the Clipboard, click Copy on the Edit menu. The Clipboard now contains a parameter set describing the fractal in plain text format. You can paste it into another fractal window, but you can also share it with other Ultra Fractal users just by pasting it into an email message (for example in Outlook).

Ultra Fractal paste Copying and pasting fractals  

To paste a fractal on the Clipboard into an open fractal window, click Paste on the Edit menu.

To open a fractal that you have received via email, select the entire parameter set in the email message:

Ultra Fractal copyselect Copying and pasting fractals

and then copy it to the Clipboard (in most email software, such as Outlook, press Ctrl+C). Now open a new fractal window in Ultra Fractal (click New > Fractal on the File menu), and click Paste on the Edit menu to paste the parameter set into the fractal window.


  • Click Copy Formulas on the Edit menu to copy a fractal to the Clipboard, including the formulas that it uses. This enables other users to open it regardless of the formulas that they have installed on their computer. (Do not use this option on the mailing list, though.)
  • Click Copy Image on the Edit menu to copy the image of the fractal to the Clipboard so you can paste it into a document or a graphics editor like Paint. However, you can create larger, higher-quality images by rendering them.

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Copying and pasting fractals