Working with fractal formulas

You work with fractal formulas in the Formula tab of the Layer Properties tool window. This tab also contains global calculation settings for the layer, since these are closely related to the selected fractal formula.

Fractal formulas are stored in fractal formula files (*.ufm). Each file can contain multiple formulas.

Ultra Fractal browse Working with fractal formulas  

To select a fractal formula, click the Browse button. This opens a modal browser that shows the formula files and formulas on your computer. Double-click on a formula to select it.

Hold down the Browse button to open a menu with fractal formula presets. See Presets.

Ultra Fractal help Working with fractal formulas  

Some formulas contain additional help. Click the Help button to open it.

Ultra Fractal more Working with fractal formulas  

Click the More button to access commands to copy and paste the settings and parameters on the Formula tab, and to reset all parameters to the default values.

The Formula tab is divided into two panes. The top pane contains global calculation settings.

Drawing Method Selects how the pixels are calculated.
  • Guessing starts with a low-resolution preview, and then gradually increases the resolution while trying to guess pixels instead of calculating them. This is the fastest option, but also the least accurate. When you are working with animations, use this drawing method for fast animation previews.
  • Multi-pass Linear also starts with a low-resolution preview, but it calculates all pixels instead of guessing them.
  • One-pass Linear calculates all pixels from top to bottom.

For maximum accuracy, use one of the linear drawing methods.

Periodicity Checking Specifies the amount of periodicity checking used. Periodicity checking can greatly enhance the speed at which inside areas are calculated. Rough is the fastest option, but also the least accurate. Off turns off periodicity checking completely for the highest accuracy.

Some fractal formulas do not work well with periodicity checking, in which case you should turn it off. If odd lines or dots appear on the top of the fractal, this may be the case.

Additional Precision

Specifies how many extra digits of precision should be used for calculations. See Arbitrary Precision.

The top pane also contains the iteration settings. The bottom pane contains the formula parameters. These parameters are specific to the selected fractal formula.

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