As you work with formulas in Ultra Fractal, you will often use the same combinations of formulas and parameters to achieve certain effects. You can save the combination of a formula and parameters as a preset for quick access in the future.

Ultra Fractal browse Presets  

To open a saved formula preset, click and hold down the Browse button until a menu with presets appears. Simply click a preset to load it.

To save and organize presets, click Define on the presets menu. This opens the Edit Presets dialog.

  • Click Add Current to save the current settings as a new preset.
  • Click Delete to delete the selected preset.
  • Click Rename to rename the selected preset. You can also click a preset in the list twice, or press F2.
  • Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder presets, or just drag them around in the list.

Click OK to apply your changes.

Besides fractal formulas, there are also presets for coloring algorithms, transformations, and layers. To access the transformation presets, click and hold down the Add button in the Mapping tab. To access the layer presets, click and hold down the Add button in the Layers tab of the Fractal Properties tool window.

Ultra Fractal info Presets

Presets are saved in files with the .ups file extension in the Ultra Fractal system folder, which is displayed on the Folder tab of the Options dialog. You might want to include these files when you make a backup of your fractal documents.

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