Another tool to choose new parameter values is the Eyedropper feature. It is similar to the Explore feature, but it selects parameter values from the coordinates in the fractal window, instead of using a separate coordinate grid. This is useful if the fractal coordinates have a relationship with the parameter that you are working with.

For example, to choose new values for the Julia Seed parameter of a Julia set, open a separate fractal window with the Mandelbrot set, and use the Eyedropper feature to pick values from the Mandelbrot fractal, as an alternative for Switch mode.

If you click on a parameter to give it the keyboard focus, a small window will pop up below the input box with two buttons. These invoke the Explore and Eyedropper features.

Ultra Fractal exploremenu Eyedropper

Ultra Fractal eyedropper Eyedropper  

Click the Eyedropper button to start eyedropper mode.

As you move the mouse cursor over a fractal window, you see the fractal coordinates for the point under the mouse cursor in the input box for the parameter that is in eyedropper mode. You can select coordinates from any fractal window, not just the active window.

Look at the Fractal Mode tool window for a live preview of the active fractal layer with the current parameter value. Simply click inside the fractal window to select the new parameter value.

The Eyedropper feature works with complex, floating-point, integer, and color parameters. With floating-point and integer parameters, only the real part of the fractal coordinates is used.

To use the eyedropper with color parameters, right-click the color parameter and click Eyedropper. You can select colors from any fractal window or gradient editor.


  • To cancel without selecting a new parameter value, click on the eyedropper icon that has appeared in the input box for the parameter that is in eyedropper mode.
  • Another way to start the eyedropper is by right-clicking a parameter and selecting Eyedropper from the menu that pops up.

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