You can try new parameter values by typing one after the other, but it is much better to use the Explore feature. The Explore feature makes experimenting with parameters easier and more fun.

If you click on a parameter to give it the keyboard focus, a small window will pop up below the input box with two buttons. These invoke the Explore and Eyedropper features.

Ultra Fractal exploremenu Explore

Ultra Fractal explore Explore  

Click the Explore button to start exploring the parameter.

The Explore window will pop up. It contains a coordinate grid, rulers, and zooming controls.

Ultra Fractal explore Explore

  • Move the mouse cursor over the coordinate grid to try different parameter values. Look at the Fractal Mode tool window to see a live preview of the active fractal layer with the current parameter value.
  • Enter a new value in the range input box, or use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to decrease or increase the coordinate range.
  • The rulers show the current coordinates. Drag them around to pan the coordinate grid.

Click inside the coordinate grid to select a new value. The Explore window will close and the new parameter value will be applied.

The Explore feature works with complex, floating-point, and integer parameters. The picture above shows the Explore window in complex mode. When exploring floating-point and integer parameters, the vertical ruler is not included.


  • You can also pan or zoom by dragging the coordinate grid while holding the Ctrl or Shift key, just like in the fractal window.
  • A small circle in the Explore window shows the original value of the parameter that is being explored.
  • To cancel without selecting a new parameter value, either close the Explore window, or click on the explore icon that has appeared in the input box for the parameter that is being explored.
  • Another way to start exploring a parameter is by right-clicking it and selecting Explore from the menu that pops up.

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