Formula editors

Ultra Fractal contains a built-in formula editor. It is a powerful text editor with syntax highlighting and extra productivity features for writing formulas efficiently.

The toolbar contains commands to edit and save the file you are working on:

Ultra Fractal editors toolbar Formula editors

  • The New button creates a new fractal from scratch.
  • The Open and Browse buttons open files from disk.
  • The Save button saves your changes to disk.
  • The Undo and Redo buttons undo changes you have made to the file.
  • The Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons are used to move and copy blocks of text. See Editing formulas.
  • The Find button opens a standard Find dialog where you can search for text.
  • The Find Entries button opens a dialog where you can search for formulas in the file. See Finding text and formulas.
  • The Active Formula drop-down box shows the formulas in the file and allows you to quickly jump to any formula.
  • The New Formula button adds a new empty formula to the file.
  • The Complete Template button completes the editor template at the cursor position. See Templates.

The commands on the toolbar are duplicated on the File, Edit, and Insert pull-down menus. Frequently used commands are also on the menu that pops up when you right-click inside the editor.

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Formula editors