Binary Decomposition

Ultra Fractal binarydecomposition Binary Decomposition

The Binary Decomposition coloring algorithm uses just two colors from the gradient. It colors fractals according to the “angle” of the last value of z from the fractal formula. This results in quite abstract and elegant images.

The two colors used are at the beginning and at the middle of the gradient.

There is one parameter that selects between two different flavors of the same algorithm. Each option creates different patterns. The second option reproduces the coloring used for many fractals in the classic Beauty of Fractals book.

It often works well to combine this coloring algorithm with other layers that contain more different colors. Furthermore, low values (for example 4) for the bail-out parameter of the fractal formula usually give the best results.

Binary Decomposition is available as a coloring algorithm in Standard.ucl and as a coloring plug-in in Standard.ulb.

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