Modal browsers

There are two types of browsers: modeless and modal browsers. A modeless browser is created when you click Browse on the File menu. Modeless browsers are typically used to organize files. They can stay open in the background while you work with other windows, such as fractal windows.

A modal browser is shown when you must select a parameter set or formula. The modal browser looks like a modeless browser, but it contains a small built-in toolbar, and Open and Cancel buttons. You must close the modal browser by clicking Open or Cancel before continuing.

Modal browsers are also used to save parameter sets and gradients. In this case, they contain input boxes to enter a file name and a title, and a Save button.

Ultra Fractal browsers modal Modal browsers

You can compare modal browsers to standard Windows Open and Save dialog boxes, except that they work with entries (such as parameter sets and formulas) instead of files. In the same way, a modeless browser can be compared to Windows Explorer.

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