Library mode

The browser can be switched to library mode. In library mode, only the files and folders within the library of the visible file type are shown.

This prevents cluttering the tree on the left side of the browser with all folders on your computer (most of which will not contain any fractal-related files), and makes it easier to work with parameter files, gradient files, and formulas.

Ultra Fractal libraryonly Library mode  

To activate library mode, click Library Only on the View menu. Click it again to turn library mode off.

The library for each file type is a folder (for example Documents\Ultra Fractal 5\Parameters) that contains files for that file type by default.

Usually, you will work in library mode, but if you want to open a file or entry that is not in the library, you have to turn library mode off in order to find it. In this case, you can view all files and folders on the local drives (including network drives) on your computer.


  • Library mode does not work when all file types are visible, because files of different types do not share the same library folder.
  • The location of the library of a file type can be set in the Folders tab of the Options dialog.
  • To open a file located on a different (networked) computer, you have to map a shared folder on that computer to a network drive with Windows Explorer first.

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