Finding files and entries

The browser can search for files and entries that match various criteria that you specify. This is useful when you are looking for certain formulas, parameter sets, or gradients, but you do not know their exact name or location.

Ultra Fractal findentries Finding files and entries  

To search for files and entries, click Find Entries on the Edit menu. This will open the Find Entries dialog box.

The Find Entries dialog box allows you to search for parameter sets, gradients, formulas and plug-ins by title, comments, and identifier. You can also specify selected files and folders to search.

For parameter sets, you can also search for authors and formulas (identifiers and files) that are used.

Click Find Now to start the search. This will populate the list in the dialog box with results. Click a result to open it in the browser. The Find Entries dialog box will stay on top of the browser until you close it.

Tip: When you open the Find Entries dialog box while selecting a plug-in for a plug-in parameter, it will only display plug-ins that are valid for that parameter. If you don’t enter any criteria, the list of results will show all matching plug-ins in the formula library, which can be very useful.

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