File types

The browser works with all Ultra Fractal file types. You can set it to display all fractal-related files, or only files of a selected type.

To select a file type, click File Types on the View menu, and then click the file type. You can also use the drop-down box on the toolbar. The following file types are available:

Fractal Files

Displays fractal files (*.ufr). Fractal files contain complete fractals. See Opening and saving fractals.

Parameter Files

Displays parameter files (*.upr). Parameter files contain multiple parameter sets that describe a fractal without storing the calculated pixels. Older Fractint parameter files (*.par) are also shown. See Parameter files.

Gradient Files

Displays gradient files (*.ugr). Gradient files contain multiple gradients that store coloring information for a fractal. Older gradient files (*.ual) and Fractint palette files (*.map) are also shown. See Opening and saving gradients.


Displays transformation files (*.uxf). Transformation files contain multiple transformation formulas. See Transformations.

Fractal Formulas

Displays fractal formula files (*.ufm). Fractal formula files contain multiple fractal formulas. Older Fractint formula files (*.frm) are also shown. See Fractal formulas.

Coloring Algorithms

Displays coloring algorithm files (*.ucl). Coloring algorithm files contain multiple coloring algorithms (formulas). See Coloring algorithms.


Displays plug-in library files (*.ulb). Plug-in library files contain one or more plug-ins that can be used in formulas that have plug-in parameters to extend their behavior. See Plug-ins.

Select All Files to display all these file types at the same time.


  • If All Files is selected, Library mode is not available.
  • Modal browsers cannot switch between file types, since their purpose is to open or save a file of a particular type.

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