To explore and organize the various types of fractal-related files on your computer, Ultra Fractal includes a flexible file browser. It works much like Windows Explorer, but it also works with files containing multiple entries, such as parameter files or formula files.

Ultra Fractal browse Browsers  

To open a browser, click Browse on the File menu.

The browser is divided into four panes:

Ultra Fractal browsers Browsers

  • The location input box at the top shows the file or folder that is currently selected. You can also type a new location here. Click the Up button next to the location input box to go up to the parent folder.
  • The tree on the left shows an overview of all files and folders on your computer. If Library mode is active, only the files and folders in the library of the current file type are shown. See Library mode.
  • The list on the right shows the contents of the file or folder selected in the tree. The name of this file or folder is displayed by the location input box. The list can show either item details, icons or thumbnails. See View style.
  • The code preview shows the text corresponding to the entry selected in the list.
  • The image preview shows a preview image for the entry selected in the list.

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