Browser toolbar

The toolbar for the browser contains commands to view and work with folders, files and entries:

Ultra Fractal browsers toolbar Browser toolbar

  • The New button creates a new fractal from scratch.
  • The Open button opens a file from disk.
  • The Browse button opens a new modeless browser. To duplicate the browser, click Duplicate on the File menu.
  • The Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons are used to move and copy selected files, entries, and folders. See Organizing your work.
  • The Delete button deletes selected files, entries, and folders.
  • The Find Entries button opens a dialog where you can search for entries (such as parameter sets and fractal formulas) on your computer. See Finding files and entries.
  • The Library Only button toggles library mode on and off. See Library mode.
  • The View button selects the current view style: details, icons or thumbnails. See View style.
  • The File Type drop-down box selects which files are currently visible. See File types.

The commands on the toolbar are duplicated on the File, Edit, and View pull-down menus. Frequently used commands are also on the menu that pops up when you right-click in the browser.

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