The Timeline tool window provides the most versatile way of editing your animations. It shows a tree view of all parameters in the fractal, grouped by layer and category, with an overview of their animation keys.

Ultra Fractal timeline Timeline   To open the Timeline tool window, click the Timeline button on the animation bar, or click Timeline on the Animation menu.

Ultra Fractal timeline Timeline

  • The tree view on the left displays all layers of the active fractal window. Within each layer, the parameters are grouped by categories that correspond to the tabs of the Layer Properties tool window, combined with layer settings and the gradient.
  • The time view on the right displays the animated range and animation keys for all categories and parameters. The animated range of a category contains the animation keys of all parameters within the category.
  • The selection properties at the bottom enable you to edit the current selection. For animated ranges, you can change the begin and end frames, which scales the range. For animation keys, you can change the value of the key and its frame. You can also select how Ultra Fractal interpolates around the key with various interpolation options. See Interpolation.

It is easy to discover which parts of a fractal are animated by looking at the animated ranges for different categories. To move a complete animated range, grab it in the middle and drag it to the left or to the right. To resize an animated range, drag the resize gribs at the left or right ends. This powerful way to edit animations adjusts all animated keys within the category that corresponds with the animated range.

You can also click on a single animation key and move it, or adjust its value with the selection properties panel at the bottom. To select multiple keys or ranges, hold down Ctrl while you click. Hold down Shift to select a consecutive area of keys or ranges. This enables you to move or resize multiple items at once.

Ultra Fractal addkey Timeline   To insert a new key, click the Insert button and then click in the time view where you want to create a new key.
Ultra Fractal deletekey Timeline   To delete the currently selected key or animated range, click the Delete button.
Ultra Fractal zoomin Timeline   Click the Zoom In button to enlarge the area with frames at the center of the time view, so you can work more accurately.
Ultra Fractal zoomout Timeline   Click the Zoom Out button to be able to see more frames at the same time.
Ultra Fractal reset Timeline   To scale the time view such that all frames of the animation will just fit in the currently visible area, click the Reset View button.


  • To quickly insert or delete keys, hold down Ctrl and click in the time view where you want to create a new key, or on the key that you want to delete.
  • Right-click in the time view for a menu with frequently used commands.

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