Animation bar

The animation bar at the bottom of the screen contains the time slider and provides quick access to controls that you often use while working with animations.

Ultra Fractal animationbar Animation bar

  • The button on the far left side hides or shows the animation bar. You can also click Animation Bar on the Options menu.
  • The time slider sets the current frame. You can also enter the current frame directly in the input box to the right of the time slider. To the right of that input box, the time between the first frame of the animation and the current frame is shown, in hours, minutes, seconds, and 1/100 seconds.
  • Above the time slider, blue and yellow key icons indicate where keys have been inserted. A key icon turns yellow when it is at the current frame. Click on a key icon to jump to that key’s frame.
  • The Animate button turns Animate mode on or off.
  • The Previous Key and Next Key buttons jump to the first key before or after the current frame.
  • The Play button starts or stops real-time playback of the animation.
  • The Time Settings button opens the Time Settings dialog where you can scale the animation and adjust its length.
  • The Timeline button activates the Timeline tool window where you can edit and delete animation keys, and adjust interpolation curves.


  • Although the position of keys are shown above the time slider, you cannot directly edit keys from there. Use the Timeline tool window instead.
  • Most commands are also available on the Animation menu with keyboard shortcuts.

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Animation bar